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Sale of Printing Presses

Our good long-term relationships enable us to purchase the presses we sell you direct from printing houses and not from other dealers (as is the case with some of our competitors). This keeps your investment as low as possible!!

All of the presses are in a good to very good optical condition and can be inspected in the production (only Germany) at all times. In most cases, long-term servicing agreements are concluded together with the sale, this ensuring that the presses are in a good technical condition.

What Press fits in with your Concept....???

No matter which press you opt for, you have the choice: Would you prefer to buy net ex location, LOT or LOC, FOB C&F or fully installed? The following list is merely an extract from all of the available presses. Should you be searching for a different machine, then please send us your query here

Age Brand Model Specification
2012 Heidelberg SX 52-5+L (IR + UV)
2011 Heidelberg SM 102-2-P (1/1 & 2/0)
2011 Heidelberg CD 102-5+L X2
2011 Heidelberg XL 105-8-P5 (4/4 & 8/0, InpressControl, AutoplatePlus)
2010 Heidelberg XL 105-2-P (1/1 & 2/0)
2010 Heidelberg XL 105-6+L X2
2010 Heidelberg XL 105-10-P (5/5 & 10/0)
2007 Heidelberg XL 105-4+L X2
2007 Heidelberg CD 74-5+L X2
2004 Heidelberg CD 102-5+L X2 (AxisControl)
2002 Heidelberg CD 102-7+LYYLX
2008 Koenig & Bauer Rapida 142-4 (4/0, PWVA)
2008 Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105-5+L ALV2
2007 Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105U-4+L ALV2
2005 Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105-8 SW4 (only 100m imprs.)
2005 manroland R705 3B + LV
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